M.I.C. Wars

Are you all aware of the Military Industrial Complex? The effect this has on our daily lives is profound and most of us do not know or recognize its existence. During WWII the US began an industry of war as a form of protection but after the war it became an integral part of American life. Watch the film: Why We Fight. Entire economies in this country are built around the business of war. Is it necessary for protection? If the military is only to be used for protection why do we attack other nations?

As individuals it is too easy for us to continue our mundane lives without questioning the powers that “protect” us. Perhaps we would not need such extensive protections if our leaders employed more peaceful means for international relations. We are being desensitized by the media and a seemingly constant bombardment of violence. Michael Tsarion http://www.michaeltsarion.com/ believes and states very eloquently that the leaders of our “free” world are clinically insane.

I am writing a song titled MIC Wars commenting on the military industrial complex, the pervasiveness of violence in our world and of course wack studio gangster rappers and homo thugs that love perpetuating the image of unintelligent, violent Black men in America. Coming soon to a radio near you.


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