World War None

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn on the TV and not be inundated with images of war and sorrow? Why os Israel attacking Palestine anyway? This is retarded if you really think about it. Since everyone wants the fighting to stop why not stop creating the weapons, duh! The solution is really very simple. Of course we can make it difficult and say, well if we stop making weapons to protect ourselves then the bad guys will gain the upper hand and then what would we do? But let’s be realistic; if all the weapons manufacturers were shut down and all the old weapons in ammo dumps were destroyed or turned into artwork the global canvas would look a lot better.

At what point is total annihilation not a strong enough deterrent to stop producing weapons of mass destruction. Why are the countries with the nukes so worried about others getting the ability to make them (US vs Iran/N.Korea)  if they are not willing to dimantle the existing stores. At least we don’t libe in the 1950’s when people were frakishly building underground hideaways, Damn that would be trippy! I would have had to sit back light up some reefer and get wacky if that was the case Lol

I just completed a dope song called M.I.C. Wars as soon as I have a recording I will post it. One Love and may the force be with you …family-guy-star-wars11


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