The open mind

The power of an open mind is immense. Anyone who has read the power of now or the secret, or anyone who has explored these same ideas in other media are well aware of the truth of this statement. As we consume energy and produce waste, both individually and on a grand social scale we need to be aware of the overarching effects. This is why I am learning as much as possible about hemp, and why I aim to always speak true. If I have not told you already about Hemp Revolution I am now, find it watch it, research it profess it, live it love it or leave it alone.

A couple days ago I smashed the recording session for MIC Wars and am currently writing ReGenaRayshun an 84 bar masterpiece of breath control, lyricism, wittiness, and profundity. As I have said before when I get mixed versions of these songs I am comfortable with posting I will Post them, until then I will tell you about them as they come. THC

This is also the year of great productivity, it began this way and it will continue. In all aspects of life we are rising, let’s rise to heights never before achieved and usher in the silver age. Yes we are mere bodies of bronze but we are aware of the presence of silver and gold, the only way to achieve is to reach and the only way to soar is to leap. For those not in tune with the Great Year check out Walter Cruttenden, excuse me if you read something similar in another blog but until all possibilities are actualized why scatter thoughts like roaches? As Sirius approaches so does the dawning of humanity’s comprehension. AWAKE

One Love

Miles Megaciph

Let the light of the sun bathe your imagination

Let the light of the sun bathe your imagination


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