War is on Blaps, Rhymes and Life Vol II www.illmind.biz

The lyrical crack known as War is on Blaps Rhymes and LIfe volume II. The VSOP of mixtapes, the Top of Everest of mixtapes, the multiple orgasm of mixtapes, the Maybach of mixtapes, the yeah you get the picture right? Okay so here is a version that is not yet mixed cuz I said I’d give it when I got it, well here it is. go to www.illmind.biz and download it for free from Blaps Rhymes and Life Vol II for free. If you feel it let me know, if you don’t feel it let me know and tell me why please. I really care about the music I write and do not do it for the beast or the cash or the fame or the women or the world. I do it cuz its me and if I don’t do it I will die. If there were no one to listen I would still write, recite, create, and live music. One Love

Please enjoy the music and watch this video as well, decide for yourself:


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