Gospel of Man

Gospel of Man

Man manifest in the flesh strive for spirit
My lyric made for the mute deaf and the blind to feel it
Blessed with the holiest neither moldy nor comatose
The anointment is official pope can’t come close
No gropes I molest the track profession-al
No stress approach the sound semin-al
No less it’s what I’m giving the best that’s coming out
No disrespect intended masses worship my sound
Without bowing to kiss the ground observant of the suras
Hip hop is the one true religion this I’m sure of
Its lyrical jihad without dying for the cause
The last prophet . . . wrapped in holy wars
My holy lands are yours minus borders and walls
So wailing is meaningless until settlement building stalls
Let us never forget but this don’t equate at all
Palestine to the Vatican love conquers all

© Miles Megaciph 2013


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