Soul Ice

I stay stuck in the bottle locked in a hole
Lost in a cave like a skull or a scroll
Full of ancient wisdom with the beauty that it hold
And a beauty by my side she got wisdom of her own
Wisdom of a mother I’m the father he the son
I share and I impart but I impose on none
I am just another one when its over and its done
And I go for full disclosure on how government runs
I went on government runs when I thought it was run right
Enlisted in the Corps but I ain’t with this I ran fight
What’s it all for when we ain’t got our own home right
And I could see this all from the view of one’s home life
I’m sick and I’m so nice I’m thicker than soul ice
I’m healthy so I’m wealthy and I’m naming my own price

(C) Miles Megaciph Jan 2014


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