Brahmin Bull

Birth leads to death I’m walking through the valley of it
Holding my breath for a living wage salary
The intake of calories growth is exponential
Digest the Sun to develop the shining mental
Ignore the shiny metal but enjoy the gems
Don’t get wrapped in the physical tickle the stems
Taking everything so literal so where will it end?
With a Negro spiritual and some hidden hair pins?!
Or is that too existential there i did it again
Fire exits on the rental on your ass it depends
Everyone’s got a message their particular lens
The particulate m

atter collects and light bends
My i

mage is formed yet I’m flesh and bone
The way I see it we all got it wrong Living stacked in shoe boxes praying fire don’t come
My philosophy beat truth into the numb
With songs of struggle made witty and fun
For the old man rich man poor man young
Life flies by make meaning of your name
Knowledge and wisdom over whips and chains
My foods range the spectrum of light for my brain
Eat more work more burn more gain
Debt I ain’t been payed my worth yet
Life is toil tears blood and sweat
Some simmer some boil some weed some beer
Some disappear into the soil and don’t reappear
Some embrace turmoil many embrace fear
A few let it all go ascend into the air
Its why fools don’t care and liars rule
Its why rulers ain’t fair they’re admired by fools
Its why i aspire to walk amongst the choirs of schools
In short because our choices determine our views

No Competition

My old school flow much flyer than most
Megaciph like the Dreamliner marvelous host
I got a minute to boast no matching minds when I roast
I’m magnanimous and make you look it up when I toast
If your mentalities closed I’m leaving you open minded
It’s Mr. Multiplicity meaning never you mind it
My mission: make contact but you cannot find it
Misdirection my MP3s en masse are rewinded
My style multisyllabic complex an organic
Respect demanded massive and Martian landed
Miles out of this world check the mathematics
At minimum I’m 3 light minutes from your planet
My maximum is infinite mentally bench press simpletons
Physically attracting your moons to what my rhythm is
Orbits … But I don’t masticate gum
I chew up competition and spit M’s out for fun


Verse 1
Yo I’m larger than life My inspiration constant
Like times square lights Minus all of the nonsense
The name megaciph Is both humble and obnoxious
You stumble trying to say It But love the deep concept
I’m an acronym entendre African Highly symbolic with meanings for the continent
Mister everybody gather altruistically
Combining intent purposefully for humanity
Took a wrong turn now the roads long gone
Look… but don’t fall back remain calm
Hindsight is 20/20 lines in the palm Does Bush mourn the victims of the roadside bombs? 
If pushed I’m fighting biting tooth and nail
When I’m over the limit You going over the rail!
Deaf dumb and blind but you can’t read the Braille
The signs of the times and yes its pass or fail
These are high stakes tests bloodsuckers and nails
These are times we won’t forget when whole governments fail
I set sail for new horizons and come to your shores
As a merchant of peace to cease the profits of war
I’m King Kong when he’s beating on his chest
Gawdd-zilla with the fiery breath A teradactyl flying to fight for its nest
Hercules out to prove who’s best
A man with a vision to this I’ll confess
I’m occupy from the east to the west
And the stocks you buy when they pass your green test
I’m particles of the sun here in the flesh
Verse 2
I came from 93 million away for your grace
I’m the energy you receive In your protein shake
I’m the reason you can get up and work out in the morning
I’m the reason there’s a morning the daily global warming
The seasons and the dawning and the evening and the light
The freezing and the thawing and the feeding and the night
I’m the reason that you spinning the reason you got life
I’m the cause of your gravity your visions and your sight
I’m not Jesus Christ in the sun on a foursome
Electromagnetically the pull is simply awesome
I compose kinetically and bring the heat you score some
Cool spots made in the image nothings foreign 
…As if suspended barely comprehended
Take a step closer and I might just have to end it
… Your life… depends on my presence…
Fragile hanging in the balance of my essence

Gods Angels

No wings are visible flying the organics
All flags are miserable I’m banging on the planet
In high demand we feared n misunderstood
The physical evidence it don’t make it out the hood
I wish you would and Got a hundred million with me
Just like me you are another prayer to lift these
Souls out of despair you find those who care
In the least expected places we escaped the snares
Now we run shit this is gun ships and gods horn
The horn of Africa where the first was born
a long time coming children run from the corn
Judgment day now who the fuck’s explicitly porn-
I’m international geography lessons are worldwide
witness to truth over justice I preside
And when I ride its through rhyme to save lives
I’m black so my black on black is say pride


Household of violence and turbulent life filled with Yelling and screaming and cussing and fighting Boy growing up thinking it’s alright To punch kick or just smack his wife Cuz his mama accepts it as a price to be paid For the good life her victory not being a maid So it’s normal for him to see a woman as a slave Boy graduates to pimping in tenth grade His first girlfriend he forces to fuck his friends On this he says their relationship depends On this stipulation manipulating the ends Of her freedom he says it begins on a bed Just the price to be paid for being a woman The mother of fallen grace eaves drop the solution Youth cannot choose to put stops to the pollution It’s you mommies and daddies who must end the confusion

Letter to Bloomberg and Cuomo

We got a Billionaire Mayor with windows in tall towers So the people can’t see the corrupt moves for power So the people can see that absolute power is corrupting Our governor entertains the idea of hydraulic fracking a negative gain game polluting our ground water unsound borders push the barriers of sound warrior For this fight we can thank the generous one percent For the right to occupy zucotti park or pay the rent I’m the forsaken preoccupied with peace and justice Like squatters in vacant buildings landlords refuse to touch I’m bubbling up a scheme soon to release the hatch Hoping the drones don’t see me peering through the thatch Cuz in my one room shack the ceiling is too low And I’m living off checks and credit no cash flow So trickle don’t work anymore than big banks Steal the money from the people and actually give thanks

Electric Relaxation-Megaciph

Listen to the song:

Verse 1 

Put the bat trees in and push the button
Take a little pull and you will feel something
You say you don’t feel it we know you bluffing
Bill didn’t inhale? way was he puffing?? 4
Like Barack said, “yo that’s the point!”
Do you like the bong the blunt or the joint?
Do you lick the L or wet your fingers?
Light em back to back or let it linger? 8
Not for beginners let’s vaporize
My whole crew’s winners we don’t tape the eyes
Stay live keep building and chase the highs
Make a plan to help the nation legalize 12
Supply side economics seek and you’ll find
No better way to make a sinking one suddenly thrive
They say I’m crazy or a Luniz if I’m giving you five
Just doing what I can to keep the culture alive 16
Got a one hit bat with a grind on the side
I keep her full with that good like the color of lime 18
Verse 2
When I have a little time I like to open my eyes
I mean I close my eyes and I open my mind
You see the possibles are infinite like souls in time
I got this life and I’m living it and shaking the vine 4
Yo we’re fucking divine so I’m shaking the tree
Cause that’s one truth that nobody told me
Yo smoking weed is fine it set ya mind free
So break ya paradigm and break a dime with me 8
I’ll break it down you’ll see its nothing but a herb
Meant to spice up ya life and flavor your nerves
Make ya savor what you heard and it could save your herd
And it’s never taken a life just say if you’ve heard 12
Otherwise I’ll supply just sit back and observe
Since man recorded time man smoked herb
Cannabis was used for the first paper on Earth
Wait up what you think cave women used to ease birth? 16
Did man invent the wheel or fire first?
C’mon it don’t take genius to see what the plants worth
From America’s birth her first mandated crop
Watch Hemp for Victory tell the mad men to stop 18
Its at the top of the schedule above cocaine
With no therapeutic use – man that’s fucking insane!!
We all know if you got cancer it’ll ease your pain
They got us running from the cure Rick Simpson fame 20
Mary Jane heals cells and inhibits mutation
Cannabis oil to cancer eradication
So don’t take that pill full of radiation
Or believe that reefer madness will destroy the nation 24
It’s just greedy corporations and conspiracy facts
You see the real threat ain’t how would they tax weed
It’s that industrial hemp gives us everything we need 27

(C) Megaciph 2014 All Lyrics written and performed by Miles Megaciph
The beat is property of A Tribe Called Quest
This song is free and being used for promotional purposes only