Electric Relaxation-Megaciph

Listen to the song:

Verse 1 

Put the bat trees in and push the button
Take a little pull and you will feel something
You say you don’t feel it we know you bluffing
Bill didn’t inhale? way was he puffing?? 4
Like Barack said, “yo that’s the point!”
Do you like the bong the blunt or the joint?
Do you lick the L or wet your fingers?
Light em back to back or let it linger? 8
Not for beginners let’s vaporize
My whole crew’s winners we don’t tape the eyes
Stay live keep building and chase the highs
Make a plan to help the nation legalize 12
Supply side economics seek and you’ll find
No better way to make a sinking one suddenly thrive
They say I’m crazy or a Luniz if I’m giving you five
Just doing what I can to keep the culture alive 16
Got a one hit bat with a grind on the side
I keep her full with that good like the color of lime 18
Verse 2
When I have a little time I like to open my eyes
I mean I close my eyes and I open my mind
You see the possibles are infinite like souls in time
I got this life and I’m living it and shaking the vine 4
Yo we’re fucking divine so I’m shaking the tree
Cause that’s one truth that nobody told me
Yo smoking weed is fine it set ya mind free
So break ya paradigm and break a dime with me 8
I’ll break it down you’ll see its nothing but a herb
Meant to spice up ya life and flavor your nerves
Make ya savor what you heard and it could save your herd
And it’s never taken a life just say if you’ve heard 12
Otherwise I’ll supply just sit back and observe
Since man recorded time man smoked herb
Cannabis was used for the first paper on Earth
Wait up what you think cave women used to ease birth? 16
Did man invent the wheel or fire first?
C’mon it don’t take genius to see what the plants worth
From America’s birth her first mandated crop
Watch Hemp for Victory tell the mad men to stop 18
Its at the top of the schedule above cocaine
With no therapeutic use – man that’s fucking insane!!
We all know if you got cancer it’ll ease your pain
They got us running from the cure Rick Simpson fame 20
Mary Jane heals cells and inhibits mutation
Cannabis oil to cancer eradication
So don’t take that pill full of radiation
Or believe that reefer madness will destroy the nation 24
It’s just greedy corporations and conspiracy facts
You see the real threat ain’t how would they tax weed
It’s that industrial hemp gives us everything we need 27

(C) Megaciph 2014 All Lyrics written and performed by Miles Megaciph
The beat is property of A Tribe Called Quest
This song is free and being used for promotional purposes only


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