Verse 1
Yo I’m larger than life My inspiration constant
Like times square lights Minus all of the nonsense
The name megaciph Is both humble and obnoxious
You stumble trying to say It But love the deep concept
I’m an acronym entendre African Highly symbolic with meanings for the continent
Mister everybody gather altruistically
Combining intent purposefully for humanity
Took a wrong turn now the roads long gone
Look… but don’t fall back remain calm
Hindsight is 20/20 lines in the palm Does Bush mourn the victims of the roadside bombs? 
If pushed I’m fighting biting tooth and nail
When I’m over the limit You going over the rail!
Deaf dumb and blind but you can’t read the Braille
The signs of the times and yes its pass or fail
These are high stakes tests bloodsuckers and nails
These are times we won’t forget when whole governments fail
I set sail for new horizons and come to your shores
As a merchant of peace to cease the profits of war
I’m King Kong when he’s beating on his chest
Gawdd-zilla with the fiery breath A teradactyl flying to fight for its nest
Hercules out to prove who’s best
A man with a vision to this I’ll confess
I’m occupy from the east to the west
And the stocks you buy when they pass your green test
I’m particles of the sun here in the flesh
Verse 2
I came from 93 million away for your grace
I’m the energy you receive In your protein shake
I’m the reason you can get up and work out in the morning
I’m the reason there’s a morning the daily global warming
The seasons and the dawning and the evening and the light
The freezing and the thawing and the feeding and the night
I’m the reason that you spinning the reason you got life
I’m the cause of your gravity your visions and your sight
I’m not Jesus Christ in the sun on a foursome
Electromagnetically the pull is simply awesome
I compose kinetically and bring the heat you score some
Cool spots made in the image nothings foreign 
…As if suspended barely comprehended
Take a step closer and I might just have to end it
… Your life… depends on my presence…
Fragile hanging in the balance of my essence


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