No Competition

My old school flow much flyer than most
Megaciph like the Dreamliner marvelous host
I got a minute to boast no matching minds when I roast
I’m magnanimous and make you look it up when I toast
If your mentalities closed I’m leaving you open minded
It’s Mr. Multiplicity meaning never you mind it
My mission: make contact but you cannot find it
Misdirection my MP3s en masse are rewinded
My style multisyllabic complex an organic
Respect demanded massive and Martian landed
Miles out of this world check the mathematics
At minimum I’m 3 light minutes from your planet
My maximum is infinite mentally bench press simpletons
Physically attracting your moons to what my rhythm is
Orbits … But I don’t masticate gum
I chew up competition and spit M’s out for fun


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