Brahmin Bull

Birth leads to death I’m walking through the valley of it
Holding my breath for a living wage salary
The intake of calories growth is exponential
Digest the Sun to develop the shining mental
Ignore the shiny metal but enjoy the gems
Don’t get wrapped in the physical tickle the stems
Taking everything so literal so where will it end?
With a Negro spiritual and some hidden hair pins?!
Or is that too existential there i did it again
Fire exits on the rental on your ass it depends
Everyone’s got a message their particular lens
The particulate m

atter collects and light bends
My i

mage is formed yet I’m flesh and bone
The way I see it we all got it wrong Living stacked in shoe boxes praying fire don’t come
My philosophy beat truth into the numb
With songs of struggle made witty and fun
For the old man rich man poor man young
Life flies by make meaning of your name
Knowledge and wisdom over whips and chains
My foods range the spectrum of light for my brain
Eat more work more burn more gain
Debt I ain’t been payed my worth yet
Life is toil tears blood and sweat
Some simmer some boil some weed some beer
Some disappear into the soil and don’t reappear
Some embrace turmoil many embrace fear
A few let it all go ascend into the air
Its why fools don’t care and liars rule
Its why rulers ain’t fair they’re admired by fools
Its why i aspire to walk amongst the choirs of schools
In short because our choices determine our views


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