The Undefinable pt 2

The pigeon-hole breaks under the weight of false assumptions
Doves take to the air in this grand cosmic function
A miraculous dance of chance and high-class luncheons
In which the peace pipe is passed and no characters are bludgeoned
I’m the guest of honor for rhymes that catalyze
Without converters or batteries free energy wise
Hosted by Tesla and Ford receiving the grand prize
An amplified phantom power mic that runs off my vibes
Specifically tuned in resonate without resin
Detonate within the hearts of like minded brethren
So much is left to do too much to mention
But just scratching the surface with this truth is thirst quenching
Witness the ascension rise to my pinnacle
I’m in this with intention not disguised as cynical
Expanding limits of dimension our lives are cyclical
Shhh …. That’s Big bang residual


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One Love

The Undefinable

Peace and Love,

Here is a 16 bar verse I wrote today about being more than meets the eye. When people see a young man of color with a weird haircut and tattoos on his neck they immediately form ideas and opinions about him/me. I know the looks because I’ve been on the planet for a little minute now and can tell when someone has formed an opinion against me, but I don’t let it get me down because I am confident in myself. I am secure enough in myself that I understand the external is the superficial and even my own skin, hair, and clothing are but mere reflections of the inner light that guides me and my decisions. And so the journey begins

Like wax to the paper in young undisturbed minds
My color’s out the box I’m well beyond the lines
Sobriety tests redefined when legalized with eagle eyes
I’m the need to try a neat surprise the clearance high and breach the lines
I’m what broke the levees when Katrina struck
Pure force the aggravated I’m the meanest luck
I’m that man that don’t give a fuck but you could trust
To always crush a track and feed your lust and reach your rush
Preacher sweeping the brush my dusk is your dawn
But I don’t sleep I push my muscles until they yawn
Creak from the pressure and calcify with my bones
Until status quos are broken beneath the monumental poems
My ohms register at five hundred twenty eight hertz
Healing techniques perceived and remove the hurts
I’m curt and courteous unaffected and alert
Simultaneously asleep in this world and awakening her

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Thank you

One Love

Chain Em to The Wall

[Verse 1]

Chemtrails and conspiracies theories or facts
Overpopulation the Earth lacks harmony
Operating dysfunction are most forms of government
These are fictions that are real the secret is kept 4
Very close to the top where the power resides
Corruption is absolute and never spares
Lives when they choose light souls when they resist
Choices are made under pressure and duress 8
Fractured stressed splintered society
Swallowed by sinkholes abducted disappeared
Erased from the face of the Earth without a trace
What’s worse is what’s feared is what’s of the Earth 12
Packaged products sanitized on the shelves
So neatly displayed arrayed and X-rayed
Downgrade a country it’s all see through hype
These are serious times private satellites launch 16
[Chorus] 1X
Move on a record baby money make it chart
Get em butt naked working in the lab fine art
Chain em to the wall or let the building fall
Product is the same Fifth Ave to Wal-Mart
II Call it pestilence and pain pulling at your heart
Plenty strings and games bullied from the start
Chained to the wall while the building falls in
Cause if we stop buying it all falls apart :II
[Verse 2]
Polyester and rayon have replaced the wool
As natural fibers quote un quote
Our landfills are full so we load it on the boats
And dump it off of unprotected coasts 4
Epidemics of refugees of wars over water
Indoctrinated and labeled as pirates and shot
Mutinous actions all viewed in live action
Against mother Earth on the nightly news 8
Never … ever … worthy … stories
The mundane is downplayed celebrate the insane
Ridicule Dick and Jane fuck! their opinions
Conform. Modern industry don’t cause fish kills 12
Like multinationals don’t make economies crumble
With tax free zones and poverty wages
Loopholes outrageous all standards are doubled
White collar criminals kill millions and walk 16
[Chorus] 1X