The Undefinable pt 2

The pigeon-hole breaks under the weight of false assumptions
Doves take to the air in this grand cosmic function
A miraculous dance of chance and high-class luncheons
In which the peace pipe is passed and no characters are bludgeoned
I’m the guest of honor for rhymes that catalyze
Without converters or batteries free energy wise
Hosted by Tesla and Ford receiving the grand prize
An amplified phantom power mic that runs off my vibes
Specifically tuned in resonate without resin
Detonate within the hearts of like minded brethren
So much is left to do too much to mention
But just scratching the surface with this truth is thirst quenching
Witness the ascension rise to my pinnacle
I’m in this with intention not disguised as cynical
Expanding limits of dimension our lives are cyclical
Shhh …. That’s Big bang residual


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One Love


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