1 of 16 x 365

The very first day in the rest of my life
I listen to her say I’m blessed as your wife
This in the worst way is nothing contrived
Affair day one of sixteen by three sixty five
A lot to real eyes a little fuel for the fire
My plot surreal ties to brittle false admirers
Severed when realized they’re spittle or flat deniers
It’s levers and twist ties Nicodemus and pliers
To all the doubt suppliers murder she wrote
An anthem for Agatha governor Christie quotes
That road can’t be crossed when the bridge to it is broke
Too obscure for some too political for most
And so it goes my life story gets told and told
Reiterated Megaciph ain’t in it for glory and gold
Well composed proofread and printed in bold
Keep doing and do well and it will take hold.

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One Love


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