2 of 16 x 365

This is a 20 bar verse, enjoy

I’ve been scorned like cheap porn and worn like fine wool/ Sworn in to don the uniform of the proud and the few/ Then warned due to my color by the boys in blue/ Often torn by the wars going on and staying true/ True to my craft to my culture and to my hue/ True to my self to my elders and to my view/ My dues been paid still seeking my just due/ Like a random grass blade speaking to morning dew/ What is it that you do? What can you do for me?/ What’s in it for you to help the next succeed?/ These real life questions reveal the deep greed/ Everyone wants fruit but who plants the seed?/ Who tends the tree? Who repels the disease?/ Who protects the flowers from an annual freeze?/ Many will say God and many will say man/ Many will say its chance and refuse to plan/ If life’s a big dance I’m a part of the band/ If it’s a chaotic mess I’m the puppeteers hand/ Here to formulate plans and see them through/ That’s my twenty of three sixty five day number two/

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One Love


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