3 of 16 x 365 happy fathers day

The most important role I’ve ever had in life/ A good Father to my son husband to my wife/ Inspirational vibes in my daily I’m loved/ For my actions and presence in kisses and hugs/ Not a thug in my household I listen and talk/ Never bugged by questions or walls covered in chalk/ Learning is expression mistakes are a must/ So I encourage adventure and cultivate trust/ Practice non violence don’t yell, hit or shove/ Behavior is mimicked so I demonstrate love/ I’m not a do as I say don’t do as I do type/ More of a do it for you and eschew all the hype/ I’m blessed to be a father provider and guide/ Impressed by all of the magic you have inside/ To teach me about myself not blinded by pride/ I’ll always protect you front, back and side to side/



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