5 of 16 x 365

Lessons that I’ve learned/ Through messages I’ve burned/ Alone in a bottle/ Of oceans that I’ve churned/ On low and then high tides/ The seasons of my life/ No longer an island/ Isolated by my strife/ Continental in third eye/ And seeing us all fly/ No passport control/ Or borders and war cries/ Or victims of war crimes/ Or orders of more dying/ It’s trying in these days/ To live life without crying/ Hearts are water wells/ Parts in our spells/ All so numb to the pain/ Departed from how ill/ So pardon this ordeal/ Our part in this is real/ I’m hoping that souls feel/ Then cope and start to heal/ It’s appealing to isolate/ Appearing to self sustain/ But we’re nearing the too late/ And feeling it’s end game/ It’s why a global youth spring/ Fights for collective gain/ insights the coolest thing/ I’ll incite it and you begin


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