6 of 16 x 365

The prolific gifted initialed and lifted/ Especially witted a sure hit if you missed it/ I get explicit and whip flipped out acid trips/ Equipped with a florescent hot pink glow stick/ How’s that for sick? From a health advocate/ Self masochist graduated on top of the list/ For having no pot to piss in missing no topics/ Illicit or endemic invested in hot tropics/ Divestment of stock markets humans vs profits/ It’s all too obvious to have to spit it with logic/ My hobby is this which consists of a zilch promise/ A game for the filthy rich and false prophets/ Lost in the moss Locknes monster and not modest/ Blessed with the gift of gab to uplift as a wordsmith/ My effort is so honest my trial bench is brolic/ I insisted I spit a sixteen this highly polished

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Thanks for reading
One Love


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