8 of 16 x 365

The simplest things be the most beautiful/ Infant kings sea coasts lovers that are new/ The difference is when we get to the truth/ For instance if it hurts its best kept to you/ Personal views get low tolerance in public space/ Where news depicts violence and shuns debate/ Without proof we give tyrants guns to be safe/ And now it’s you being silenced just in case/ Stay in place kept in line and no questions/ Saving face saying it’s fine to hope better things/ Saving grace pray the divine still owes blessings/ Make haste they label it crime to show aggression/ Manifesting a pacified and fearful nation/ Subliminal messaging lies the lull of creation/ Cremation how many histories have been torched?/ Lands conquered tales retold and earths scorched

Thankyou for reading, if you enjoyed please leave a comment and share this with someone you think might enjoy it as well

One Love


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