9 of 16 x 365

My time is limited so I go limitless/ Seeking the infinite is my own litmus test/ I got a little bit now I gotta get the rest/ No time for little shit when you out to be the best/ Let me digress with every rhyme beat on my chest/ I must confess my butterflies are never stress/ At Mic checks I’m composed and get respect/ Rhyme reflects where I’ve grown and going next/ Don’t get vexed and no I don’t sit on the fence/ Screaming fuck you to critics taking offense/ Don’t scrimmage defense opinions are bent/ All bets are off when it’s for dollars and cents/ My sixth sense picking up your fearful scent/ A earful you ain’t respond to a single message I sent/ I said what I meant you ain’t leverage what I leant/ My advice raps your vice be Catholic practice Lent

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One Love


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