13 of 16 x 365

You drawing a blank slate with invisible ink/ It’s morning I think fate’s an incredible drink/ Fair warning one blink is mistake and you sink/ Rearming click click an inaudible shh shink/ I’m bringing the kitchen sink to a free buffet/ Wearing a toupee like where you going today?/ We’re in to stay beware we ain’t going away/ It’s impolite to stare so just enter the fray/ Shed decay life’s a mosh pit or a waltz/ A fools fault is speaking too much to a loss/ Eighteen hole course with the drunken boss/ As if one of the boys tweeting all of your thoughts/ That farm you just bought sans cow and chicken/ You a cartoon your network ain’t really hittin’/ I’m an original goon my platoon straight spittin’/ I’m high noon on YouTube with babies n kittens

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One Love


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