15 of 16 x 365

Your oral orifice forever spewing out nonsense/ My conscience refrains from incompetent launches/ These metaphors equivalent to knockout punches/ For you narcissistic elementary kids free lunches/ Can’t afford my bars wisdom and peace are priceless/ The minds at ease smooth delivery the nicest/ My lights is on I write to right wrongs/ Incite love, hate and more with each song/ You say give me the truth give me the work but you ain’t ready/ For judgment day reciprocation you’re like Bush with the levees/ Claiming you came to help we all know it’s yourself/ Aimless your projects All remain on the shelf/ My music timeless improve health listeners attest/ These vibrations are positive my circles immense/ I got a rocket launcher voice with a social laser lens/ A battalion’s self confidence air my ego on the wind/ Here we go again hear your low self esteem sputter/ Mutter on beats and pale when compared to others/ Like ales and lagers to stouts or bullies to big brothers/ Your music couldn’t start a conversation with your own mother

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One Love


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