17 of 16 x 365

After my twenty hour drive from Kansas City to New York

I’m busy getting it because I’m a go getter/ Ain’t forgetting this lost time in a letter/ Words are the measure gold and a feather/ Let’s take hold of our goals together/ A pound is forever a hug is love eternal/ Above the inferno feel the warmth…thermal/ What’s the gravitational pull of this verbal?/ Electro magnetic geothermal or paternal?/ I’ll sun you sons do shine light on strength/ I’m Sun Tzu I write truth at the banks/ In haiku: Peace is beautiful
Life’s struggle means most won’t see
The calm of each breath/ Necessary when moving on a movement/ Inner peace is each one’s attunement/ To the greater good of bodies in union/ Collective gain in practice now who’s in?

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One Love


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