25 of 16 x 365

Iconoclastic, born a classic/ classy dude but you’ll get ya ass kicked/ I be the one with the gas and matchstick/ dipped in acid standing by your ashes/ Book smart kid and I know the streets/ look sharp the neck’s where I hang my beads/ Crooked I art with collegiate speech/ should I play the role of slave or thief?/ Commander in chief stacks on stash/ couldn’t give a damn if the market crash/ Or the outbreak happen with a zombie rash/ deep underground bunker with a ton of hash/ Pirates counting bounty/ upstate want to house me/ I’m a seize the power/ these the final hours/ I’m here to lib-er-ate y’aaaaaall/ cele-brate/ I would never rape naaaaah/ or ever fake/ Independent to the day I die/ Strange could get me on the dotted line/ Too clever for majors to cross my mind/ or the offer’s sublime or we all out of time/ But time’s an illusion like money is/ to keep the confusion and conflict/ Or the delusion that we can fit/ in the same tax bracket as the super rich/ That’s work to do get on mics/ breath gives life words take flight/ Get it to the whole world overnight/ package peace and human rights!  

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One Love


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