27 of 16 x 365

I don’t buy in to the worldly distractions/ My hopes tie in to my girl’s satisfaction/ We’re both trying out the laws of attraction/ Oh so close there’s no denying our asking/ Unmasking our deepest desires are true joy/ Our happy family blessed with a new boy/ The purest inspiration imaginable oh boy/ The love for your own child’s the real McCoy/ I would deploy even though I’m against war/ To destroy thoughts I can’t have this anymore/ Not a toy or a game life’s got no score/ Board ships ahoy set sail for new shores/ I’ve dug in with all fours we’ll drive cross Africa/ My hug is with soft force we strive for Africa/ Why lug if it’s off course real life’s in Africa/ I’m buggin there’s no remorse my wife’s from Africa

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One Love


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