29 of 16 x 365

From before everybody and they momma and them rapped/ When skills were the factor and you could dance to tracks/ Facts built up your rep . . . fictions called in the axe/ And the latter would get you slapped in the street by real cats/ Before the East West beef and celebrations of violence/ When rappers were street reporters before the silence/ Strapped with the voice of change and labeled pirates/ Ironically before DEF JAM emigrated to the islands/From before Assata had to seek political asylum/ A time when activists had the streets behind ‘em/ Before the menage of online social community/ And social groups threw down on the block or house party/ From when crack was whack and smack was heroin/ Huey P. was the hero Ms. Davis the heroine/ Before COINTELPRO and evil forces closing in/ Before Malcolm and Martin were murdered is where I begin/

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One Love


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