31 of 16 x 365

Momentum or inertia the lifetime or the moment/ My focus on the whole scene watch how i own it/ Mega pixels never pixelated for atonement/ Get the big picture Megaciph is on some grown shit/ I got my own God bless the child/ Move in my circumference and everything is wild/ From the perspective of most men I’m obnoxiously boasting/ To those in the know I’m humble and just toasting/ So how you like it with preserves or grass fed butter/ RFID chipped or chopped down lumber/ Speak low talk nice and eat out the gutter/ I’m not the one to label get boxed up or numbered/ My letters are a veterans I’m venerated out the box/ Pull the wrapper off I’m too educated for the clocks/ Time is an illusion love never stops/ Even when I’m lying still I’m on top

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One Love


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