32 of 16 x 365

Obstacles on the path to my goals get removed/ On ankles slashed should I fold or let loose/ Odd angles like math could he hold the net dues?/ Until strangled in half would be cold an best news/ And I’ve left shoes for those that might follow/ In the foot steps a bit too close I’m no model/ I’m bass clefs a bit too deep for the bravado/ In case you slept go peep the last month or so/ Progressive flow no captions or appeals/ Ingest this slow so it happens or congeals/ As intended to show mass interest is real/ As attendance grows an manifests a deal/ With an Indie or a brand but never any major/ It ain’t in me to abandon for money my true nature/ You either with or against so I’ll restate the/ Obvious evidence in this case that I’m greater

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One Love


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