34 of 16 x 365

Sold myself for the purpose of making peace/ Yet I control myself I can speak or I can beast/ No longer hold myself to expectations of the beast/ Only sold myself so you could break the leash/ So I expose myself as both a liar and a thief/ Because I know myself a lion in light sleep/ Alone on the shelf growling it gets deep/ Growl grr owl I’m always scaring the sheep/ Taking your love and leaving nothing to keep/ Cept music something you can bump in ya Jeep/ That something you can’t really take or leave/ That one thing I can’t really take to leave/ Sold on the idea now if you can believe/ I’m so bold my ideas put me in the league/ Of the stone cold killing all my former beliefs/ That change comes slow I move at lightening speed

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One Love


2 thoughts on “34 of 16 x 365

  1. Sacrificing yourself for making peace! Man, its a good deed. Its a honorable deed. Goodness come to those who uphold peace, unity & oneness.
    Peace is an end. Different means can be exhaust to reach that one aim “peace”.
    However, the best way to do that is through love. Love in itself is a peaceful process, so I think love is the best means to achieve peace!


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