38 of 16 x 365

Stuck in the moment like a rut in a omen/taking the ownership adjusting the glowing/hunting atonement the flow get you going/when it’s not even honed in lovers be zoned in/making the most of it sluts in slow motion/for poking and potions evoking emotions/I’m sicker than most men huh guess where I’m going then?/where I done already been and seen more than plenty friends/and this on what it depends I don’t eat fish from the pens/switched from the caged hen to pasture before a trend/and passing it on again we fornicate skin to skin/and on it gets known as end the madness where it descends/ensconced be the lovers even hornier now when/you go in to get them flowing grunting and groaning/showing the movements grabbing the reigns again/breaking all the spells and dispelling the pain

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PS i have a crowd funding campaign going for my new album, here’s the link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/megaciph-civil-i-am-best-rap-album-2015-grammy/x/2313904 any contribution will be so greatly appreciated



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