40 of 16 x 365

Yo I formulate the ministry outline the industry/ Wit outliers on the fence who wasn’t ever getting me/ Itchy on the right hand my trigger finger destiny/ Shooting at the stars mega constellation recipe/ Ciphers either reference me or fall short of amazing/ Every line stimulates I’m primal and captivating/ Half nappy roots three fifths raisins in the sun/ My currants can’t be added up like some infinite sums/ I got the weight of black sons raised by single black mothers/ Stuck on my shoulders shot for hoodies when my killers wear covers/ My brothers I’m not ya keeper here for setting you free/ The soul releaser please share the future I see/ Every line a seed planted the soils of time developing/ To ripe maturity as my flavor profile’s enveloping/ Your aural sense reassuring you are hearing divine/ Intervention for a culture and just in the nick of time

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One Love



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