42 of 16 x 365

Stay Productive, Stay Humble

I was taught never lay down let em take my life/ We leave no man behind never run from a fight/ In the same breath I teach my son it’s wrong to fight/ Respect authority but never let em dim your lights/ Know your rights fight when they’re infringed upon/ Study history and cite facts carry the baton/ For ancestors and progeny I leave imprints in wax/ Archived and timeless there’s a war going on/ Nonviolence ain’t practiced outside on your block/ For the violence we practice with the parry and block/ Societies violence from becoming a stumbling block/ Over cycles of violence that land you in a cell block/ Or a box know yourself that’s the first lesson/ Your enemies keep you from reaching your blessings/ They might be your own family or national pride/ Fear and courage are the same coin opposite sides

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One Love


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