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A truth teller, mental energies gather and circulate in positive harmony, delivers lyricism with imaginative storytelling. A former U.S. Marine, his voice booms with authority while varying cadences and double entendre. Megaciph steadily drops ear-candy jewels of truth for the audience. Every word is carefully placed and every line is meant to elevate the consciousness of his listening audience. Megaciph is a socially conscious writer, a practitioner in the craft of freestyle and a social entrepreneur. In 2003 Megaciph recorded on his first full length album, First Orbit, with the Atlanta based band The Twelfth Planet. In 2006 he self published his first solo album, The Graduate Program. The following year, while living in NY, he commuted between NY and Atlanta to perform with Aqua-Fi Project; the three member group made it to the Atlanta finals of the international Emergenza festival competitions. And In 2011 he self published his sophomore solo album, Migration of the Soul’d Kind. From November 2010 until March 2013 Megaciph founded and hosted The Vital Movement; a weekly open mic/concert event that provides independent artists with a viable community for sharing their art. Megaciph’s passion and continued work in the belief that music and art can holistically improve our lives and our world, is evident in both his daily life and his writing. He holds a minor in Music Management, 2006, from Georgia State University and a Master’s in nonprofit management, 2010, from The New School University. He is the founder of ThatsGoodness Entertainment; a not for profit record label with a focus on human rights, incorporated in NYS in 2010.

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This day is like the last you know what its gonna be
Humble man run fast get punished in front of me
i can’t breathe all choked up smoking this potently
Openly you choking me hoping i can’t breathe
Eric Garner on the corner Syrians crossing borders
Governors dirty water this whole systems out of order
Fukushima no more Hiroshima no more Nagasaki
I can’t take it no more i need tequila and hot sake
The way these pigs rocky i Luau on their slop house
Dance in the ashes aloha to the straw house
Lustful giving wood all up in the Brickhouse
Elohim pick this up make it run out your mouth
A race of beings ancient kings may I present the underclass
Naming things claiming history board the mother craft
Call the ancestors daily I and I on the path
Towards a simple life free of the rat race do the math

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Inside Her Pants


I got scholarships and grants
I got awards and shaken hands
I got a chance to break it down for an advance
I make my advance nervously I pant
My words are placed purposely inside her pants
Worthlessly this is exercise in dance
When the worst in me is forever in the past
And the first in me is far better than the last
This’ll burst in beat plus this a verse u can chant
Bulging hurting feet from this militants stance
Sullen virgin beefs when suddenly pushed back
Huddled in knee deep baths of substantive lack
And tumbled in machines of a system with cracks
This is how I give back by living the black dream
Pushing back the oppression that was meant for me
In a dignified manner respect ancestry
Shaking the mainframe make em recognize me