Inside Her Pants


I got scholarships and grants
I got awards and shaken hands
I got a chance to break it down for an advance
I make my advance nervously I pant
My words are placed purposely inside her pants
Worthlessly this is exercise in dance
When the worst in me is forever in the past
And the first in me is far better than the last
This’ll burst in beat plus this a verse u can chant
Bulging hurting feet from this militants stance
Sullen virgin beefs when suddenly pushed back
Huddled in knee deep baths of substantive lack
And tumbled in machines of a system with cracks
This is how I give back by living the black dream
Pushing back the oppression that was meant for me
In a dignified manner respect ancestry
Shaking the mainframe make em recognize me


50 of 16 x 365

The truth is too hard for many to bear/ So youth gets more scarred and seldom a care/ Proof we’re at odds even morals are rare/ Aloof without God and everyone stares/ Points and laughs “look at the spectacle!”/ I hoist the past crooks and I’m a menace too/ Anointed last and it took a near societal/ Joint to puff and pass my bookings logical/ Pay homage due and some reparations/ Or recognize some of us want repatriation/ Instead of wrecked lives in a stolen nation/ It’s time we mobilize mass evacuations/ Off this plantation of million dollar whips/ Where forced complacency attitudes sit/ At the helm taking your life’s membership/ Imagine the elation return in the mother ship

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One Love

49 of 16 x 365

My focus is phenomenal I’m never losing sight/ Questioning what I’m a do when fools want a fight/ Give lessons pay homage too, introduce the light/ Induce blessings infused through the spells I write/ Expedite the services let’s ignite the nervousness/ I’m ready light charcoal to all the damn worthlessness/ Facade of perfection is hurtful to work in trenches/ I’m far from perfect but pretty much relentless/ You’ll never bench this truth is I’m too heavy/ Dark matter in the void ooooh boy you not ready/ It’s every killer cop that keep my focus on steady/ I’m deadly as one shot one kill on a pop medley/ Frenetic and laid back busy but stay calm with it/ I’m winning cause I’m always up to the minute/ Minutia sprinting idiots it’s the long distance/ Race has never mattered but you bought the difference

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One Love

48 of 16 x 365

When words cannot capture moments sprinting off/I hit the course running this grass is soft/tall blades cutting ankles gutting my insides/something stinks and forgotten ills reside/deep within the bowels of hurt pride/the gurney is tied but not tight enough/injured bodies still drop from higher than trumps/golden towers with thumps go bump in the night/it was never the same nothing is all right/fragile from a life of fight or flight/mishandled misled and kept from the light/in the heart of darkness stark is the plight/when where milk and honey flow to the select/how why so many feel the neglect/who are the images to good to reflect?/who are the scorned deserving no human respect?

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One Love

47 of 16 x 365

Momentary relapse to forgotten ways/ The matrimony of chance has lots to say/ Sanctimonious dance meaningless wordplay/ When all remains same at the end of the day/ You’re most ardent for a moment or few/ Until cameras are gone then revert the view/ Of souls hardened ill aligned or askew/ So beg pardons margins are nothing new/ Loves for martians it can’t be a trait of Earth/ Ignoring hardship most people stray from birth/ The indifference makes all the discord worse/ It’s no different than ignoring a baby’s hurts/ Being able to help but choosing to abstain/ Is a label our society wears proud as a mane/ It’s amazing we’re even still alive in the game/ When we kill our countrymen without shame

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One Love

Awakening 46 of 16 x 365

Lemme find a reason to not break night fiending/ In this killing season treason isn’t higher meaning/ Or learning my causes are leaning on all ceilings/ Glass otherwise shattered profusely bleeding/ Believing the heathens who’re actively misleading/ Massa says police beatings aren’t increasing/ Seeing is not belief then it’s false flag seeking/ And waving only to awake the giant sleeping/ Masses teeming with possibilities of being/ More than a thing a mere nuisance for deceiving/ Too many a noose are swinging I’m not leaving/ Without my mama’s gold I came retrieving/ She is Africa the stolen boasting thieving/ Hoaxing demons can no more once we begin/ To rise up and resist the condition we are in/ The action of resistance is a peace movement