50 of 16 x 365

The truth is too hard for many to bear/ So youth gets more scarred and seldom a care/ Proof we’re at odds even morals are rare/ Aloof without God and everyone stares/ Points and laughs “look at the spectacle!”/ I hoist the past crooks and I’m a menace too/ Anointed last and it took a near societal/ Joint to puff and pass my bookings logical/ Pay homage due and some reparations/ Or recognize some of us want repatriation/ Instead of wrecked lives in a stolen nation/ It’s time we mobilize mass evacuations/ Off this plantation of million dollar whips/ Where forced complacency attitudes sit/ At the helm taking your life’s membership/ Imagine the elation return in the mother ship

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One Love


Gods Angels

No wings are visible flying the organics
All flags are miserable I’m banging on the planet
In high demand we feared n misunderstood
The physical evidence it don’t make it out the hood
I wish you would and Got a hundred million with me
Just like me you are another prayer to lift these
Souls out of despair you find those who care
In the least expected places we escaped the snares
Now we run shit this is gun ships and gods horn
The horn of Africa where the first was born
a long time coming children run from the corn
Judgment day now who the fuck’s explicitly porn-
I’m international geography lessons are worldwide
witness to truth over justice I preside
And when I ride its through rhyme to save lives
I’m black so my black on black is say pride