This day is like the last you know what its gonna be
Humble man run fast get punished in front of me
i can’t breathe all choked up smoking this potently
Openly you choking me hoping i can’t breathe
Eric Garner on the corner Syrians crossing borders
Governors dirty water this whole systems out of order
Fukushima no more Hiroshima no more Nagasaki
I can’t take it no more i need tequila and hot sake
The way these pigs rocky i Luau on their slop house
Dance in the ashes aloha to the straw house
Lustful giving wood all up in the Brickhouse
Elohim pick this up make it run out your mouth
A race of beings ancient kings may I present the underclass
Naming things claiming history board the mother craft
Call the ancestors daily I and I on the path
Towards a simple life free of the rat race do the math

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Inside Her Pants


I got scholarships and grants
I got awards and shaken hands
I got a chance to break it down for an advance
I make my advance nervously I pant
My words are placed purposely inside her pants
Worthlessly this is exercise in dance
When the worst in me is forever in the past
And the first in me is far better than the last
This’ll burst in beat plus this a verse u can chant
Bulging hurting feet from this militants stance
Sullen virgin beefs when suddenly pushed back
Huddled in knee deep baths of substantive lack
And tumbled in machines of a system with cracks
This is how I give back by living the black dream
Pushing back the oppression that was meant for me
In a dignified manner respect ancestry
Shaking the mainframe make em recognize me


40 of 16 x 365

Yo I formulate the ministry outline the industry/ Wit outliers on the fence who wasn’t ever getting me/ Itchy on the right hand my trigger finger destiny/ Shooting at the stars mega constellation recipe/ Ciphers either reference me or fall short of amazing/ Every line stimulates I’m primal and captivating/ Half nappy roots three fifths raisins in the sun/ My currants can’t be added up like some infinite sums/ I got the weight of black sons raised by single black mothers/ Stuck on my shoulders shot for hoodies when my killers wear covers/ My brothers I’m not ya keeper here for setting you free/ The soul releaser please share the future I see/ Every line a seed planted the soils of time developing/ To ripe maturity as my flavor profile’s enveloping/ Your aural sense reassuring you are hearing divine/ Intervention for a culture and just in the nick of time

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One Love


39 of 16 x 365

The social immediacy of socially me it’s me!/looking back at the moment to see it’s transparency/breathe in color coded notions of what it’s supposed to be/in safety’s net oh so narcissistically/stuck to the Web a wide world pulling free/methodically engrossed in the grossest of TV/dinner and conversation of what it could be/if all countries and colors were treated humanely/mainly it’s the few that oppress the many/words and beliefs far too often heavy/are too often deadly killers more than ready/trained from birth to overcome the enemy/rather than eye to eye quickly choose your side/a fight of us versus them Israel or Palestine/it’s a blind eye turned makes our species decline/to depths where the infinite value of life is defined

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One Love

37 of 16 x 365

Walking the fine line across the great divide/talking to activists with great things in mind/writing with chalk on boards instead of as outlines/it’s high time movements are redefined/socially I’m active progressively going forward/the momentum which carries me drives me toward/my goals in a manner that moves me onward/to a self fulfilling prophetic calling/as if I’ve seen it all before the last morning/all my doubts and fears one last mourning/lay them all to rest final calling/I’m here to stand the test no more stalling/I’m all in – I’ll bear the load upon my bones/and I’ll stand tall when I dare approach the throne/this is my passion when you’re reading my poem/you’ve been welcomed as a guest in to my home

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One Love

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32 of 16 x 365

Obstacles on the path to my goals get removed/ On ankles slashed should I fold or let loose/ Odd angles like math could he hold the net dues?/ Until strangled in half would be cold an best news/ And I’ve left shoes for those that might follow/ In the foot steps a bit too close I’m no model/ I’m bass clefs a bit too deep for the bravado/ In case you slept go peep the last month or so/ Progressive flow no captions or appeals/ Ingest this slow so it happens or congeals/ As intended to show mass interest is real/ As attendance grows an manifests a deal/ With an Indie or a brand but never any major/ It ain’t in me to abandon for money my true nature/ You either with or against so I’ll restate the/ Obvious evidence in this case that I’m greater

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One Love

25 of 16 x 365

Iconoclastic, born a classic/ classy dude but you’ll get ya ass kicked/ I be the one with the gas and matchstick/ dipped in acid standing by your ashes/ Book smart kid and I know the streets/ look sharp the neck’s where I hang my beads/ Crooked I art with collegiate speech/ should I play the role of slave or thief?/ Commander in chief stacks on stash/ couldn’t give a damn if the market crash/ Or the outbreak happen with a zombie rash/ deep underground bunker with a ton of hash/ Pirates counting bounty/ upstate want to house me/ I’m a seize the power/ these the final hours/ I’m here to lib-er-ate y’aaaaaall/ cele-brate/ I would never rape naaaaah/ or ever fake/ Independent to the day I die/ Strange could get me on the dotted line/ Too clever for majors to cross my mind/ or the offer’s sublime or we all out of time/ But time’s an illusion like money is/ to keep the confusion and conflict/ Or the delusion that we can fit/ in the same tax bracket as the super rich/ That’s work to do get on mics/ breath gives life words take flight/ Get it to the whole world overnight/ package peace and human rights!  

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One Love