49 of 16 x 365

My focus is phenomenal I’m never losing sight/ Questioning what I’m a do when fools want a fight/ Give lessons pay homage too, introduce the light/ Induce blessings infused through the spells I write/ Expedite the services let’s ignite the nervousness/ I’m ready light charcoal to all the damn worthlessness/ Facade of perfection is hurtful to work in trenches/ I’m far from perfect but pretty much relentless/ You’ll never bench this truth is I’m too heavy/ Dark matter in the void ooooh boy you not ready/ It’s every killer cop that keep my focus on steady/ I’m deadly as one shot one kill on a pop medley/ Frenetic and laid back busy but stay calm with it/ I’m winning cause I’m always up to the minute/ Minutia sprinting idiots it’s the long distance/ Race has never mattered but you bought the difference

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One Love


48 of 16 x 365

When words cannot capture moments sprinting off/I hit the course running this grass is soft/tall blades cutting ankles gutting my insides/something stinks and forgotten ills reside/deep within the bowels of hurt pride/the gurney is tied but not tight enough/injured bodies still drop from higher than trumps/golden towers with thumps go bump in the night/it was never the same nothing is all right/fragile from a life of fight or flight/mishandled misled and kept from the light/in the heart of darkness stark is the plight/when where milk and honey flow to the select/how why so many feel the neglect/who are the images to good to reflect?/who are the scorned deserving no human respect?

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One Love

Awakening 46 of 16 x 365

Lemme find a reason to not break night fiending/ In this killing season treason isn’t higher meaning/ Or learning my causes are leaning on all ceilings/ Glass otherwise shattered profusely bleeding/ Believing the heathens who’re actively misleading/ Massa says police beatings aren’t increasing/ Seeing is not belief then it’s false flag seeking/ And waving only to awake the giant sleeping/ Masses teeming with possibilities of being/ More than a thing a mere nuisance for deceiving/ Too many a noose are swinging I’m not leaving/ Without my mama’s gold I came retrieving/ She is Africa the stolen boasting thieving/ Hoaxing demons can no more once we begin/ To rise up and resist the condition we are in/ The action of resistance is a peace movement

45 of 16 x 365 love hates

I invest my energy into positive outcomes/ My breath in every inch is God spout some/ What’s left very distinct marks about one/ Or two weary hearts on top your mountain/ The abstract fountain wit intentional flow/ To breakdown make soft or even erode/ Those obstacles external years of in road/ Seem so meaningless unless it all is just so/ Let’s drive slow enjoy the now it’s just us/ A private show let’s watch how we build trust/ The time is a no this just passionate lust/ Thrust on top a years going all or it’s bust/ But I’m all about the butt but that’s no excuse/ Your insecurities and wants shun the proof/ When actions should silence all preconceptions/ I’m still fighting for your love what’s the use?