This day is like the last you know what its gonna be
Humble man run fast get punished in front of me
i can’t breathe all choked up smoking this potently
Openly you choking me hoping i can’t breathe
Eric Garner on the corner Syrians crossing borders
Governors dirty water this whole systems out of order
Fukushima no more Hiroshima no more Nagasaki
I can’t take it no more i need tequila and hot sake
The way these pigs rocky i Luau on their slop house
Dance in the ashes aloha to the straw house
Lustful giving wood all up in the Brickhouse
Elohim pick this up make it run out your mouth
A race of beings ancient kings may I present the underclass
Naming things claiming history board the mother craft
Call the ancestors daily I and I on the path
Towards a simple life free of the rat race do the math

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40 of 16 x 365

Yo I formulate the ministry outline the industry/ Wit outliers on the fence who wasn’t ever getting me/ Itchy on the right hand my trigger finger destiny/ Shooting at the stars mega constellation recipe/ Ciphers either reference me or fall short of amazing/ Every line stimulates I’m primal and captivating/ Half nappy roots three fifths raisins in the sun/ My currants can’t be added up like some infinite sums/ I got the weight of black sons raised by single black mothers/ Stuck on my shoulders shot for hoodies when my killers wear covers/ My brothers I’m not ya keeper here for setting you free/ The soul releaser please share the future I see/ Every line a seed planted the soils of time developing/ To ripe maturity as my flavor profile’s enveloping/ Your aural sense reassuring you are hearing divine/ Intervention for a culture and just in the nick of time

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A song for Trayvon Martin

This is one verse of two from a song I’m working on inspired by the Trayvon Martin tragedy, …and the countless others just like it which happen every year.

Lyrics only

Yes No
” No I’m not seeking trouble yes I am gonna find it
Even when I hide it seeks me out and tries shit
No I’m not on the run yes I am reminded
Every day of my life we were stolen and blinded 4
No I’m not angry yes I am a Black man
Guess that gets me labeled as a villain in this land
No I’m not your enemy yes I am the bad guy
In your eyes so you should ask why 8
No I’m not stupid yes I am intelligent
The way I choose to dress is just irrelevant
No I’m not illiterate yes I am belligerent
Because you treat me like a second class citizen 12
No I’m not an ex-con yes I am a free man
I’m a young man trying to drink my tea man
No I’m not American yes I am American
Wait up can you tell me what it means again 16
To some of you killers it’s the right to own guns
Just so you can hunt me and mine down for fun
Most of you are black some of you are white
Whatever killing over colors ain’t right 20
White red or blue black red or green
By any means necessary everybody dreams
So an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Leaves the whole world blind eating rotten soup 24
Let’s say Cain killed Abel then their pops killed him
Then the children of Cain came back for the win
Well you get the picture and you know I quote the scripture right
Cause how can you fight to bear arms and be pro life? 28
It’s like you want to supersize it but don’t want to get fat
It’s like you want to surprise me and say that I attacked
No I’m not Trayvon Martin yes I am like him
I wear a hoodie and I’ll stand my ground fighting – to the death 32″

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