Inside Her Pants


I got scholarships and grants
I got awards and shaken hands
I got a chance to break it down for an advance
I make my advance nervously I pant
My words are placed purposely inside her pants
Worthlessly this is exercise in dance
When the worst in me is forever in the past
And the first in me is far better than the last
This’ll burst in beat plus this a verse u can chant
Bulging hurting feet from this militants stance
Sullen virgin beefs when suddenly pushed back
Huddled in knee deep baths of substantive lack
And tumbled in machines of a system with cracks
This is how I give back by living the black dream
Pushing back the oppression that was meant for me
In a dignified manner respect ancestry
Shaking the mainframe make em recognize me



48 of 16 x 365

When words cannot capture moments sprinting off/I hit the course running this grass is soft/tall blades cutting ankles gutting my insides/something stinks and forgotten ills reside/deep within the bowels of hurt pride/the gurney is tied but not tight enough/injured bodies still drop from higher than trumps/golden towers with thumps go bump in the night/it was never the same nothing is all right/fragile from a life of fight or flight/mishandled misled and kept from the light/in the heart of darkness stark is the plight/when where milk and honey flow to the select/how why so many feel the neglect/who are the images to good to reflect?/who are the scorned deserving no human respect?

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One Love

32 of 16 x 365

Obstacles on the path to my goals get removed/ On ankles slashed should I fold or let loose/ Odd angles like math could he hold the net dues?/ Until strangled in half would be cold an best news/ And I’ve left shoes for those that might follow/ In the foot steps a bit too close I’m no model/ I’m bass clefs a bit too deep for the bravado/ In case you slept go peep the last month or so/ Progressive flow no captions or appeals/ Ingest this slow so it happens or congeals/ As intended to show mass interest is real/ As attendance grows an manifests a deal/ With an Indie or a brand but never any major/ It ain’t in me to abandon for money my true nature/ You either with or against so I’ll restate the/ Obvious evidence in this case that I’m greater

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One Love

13 of 16 x 365

You drawing a blank slate with invisible ink/ It’s morning I think fate’s an incredible drink/ Fair warning one blink is mistake and you sink/ Rearming click click an inaudible shh shink/ I’m bringing the kitchen sink to a free buffet/ Wearing a toupee like where you going today?/ We’re in to stay beware we ain’t going away/ It’s impolite to stare so just enter the fray/ Shed decay life’s a mosh pit or a waltz/ A fools fault is speaking too much to a loss/ Eighteen hole course with the drunken boss/ As if one of the boys tweeting all of your thoughts/ That farm you just bought sans cow and chicken/ You a cartoon your network ain’t really hittin’/ I’m an original goon my platoon straight spittin’/ I’m high noon on YouTube with babies n kittens

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One Love