First Contact

Slapped instead of dapped

Wrapped up in rap n tatted

Triple OG in facts n statted

Into the family constantly at it

Labeled addict more stable an avid

Most if not all amazed how I manage

Prefer mustard to mayo on a sandwich

Mustered the know-how our of a sand ditch

I’m that man switch up the flow whenever

So clever I unite the whichever with the where

Anyplace and time rhymes always aware

Of the who on the lookout you better beware

I’m prepared for the sneak attacks and clap back

Your tactics don’t measure up to half of the rap

So why bother I’m odd golfer first tiger in the woods hitting the bald eagle

On par I slap


Watch “Megaciph – Rattletail (Official Video) prod, by James Data” on YouTube

This video was shot and edited by my 19 year old nephew while visiting with him and family over the recent Christmas season.

This is his first ever video, and he wrote out the story board, chose the shot locations and brought it all together with an incredible editing job

Kudos to the youth

Free album/video download

Today, Dec 19th until Jan 4th you can go to my website
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Have safe travels
Enjoy the music

Megaciph Live Sessions

Here’s the link for my next live show, click the link and set the reminder bell for Megaciph LIVE Sessions Sat 9/18

Peace and Plenty


Megaciph Live Sessions

Episode #11 9/11 at 11:44amCST

Peace and Plenty Cipher,

You already enjoy my writing, so this is going to be hella fun and interactive. Live on air I’m going to share some personal insight about my songwriting process, live freestyle, rehearsal and ultimately record a song live on air to be edited and shared as a live concert performance. Come join the Cipher and grow the community of progressive change we all want to see in our world.

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One Love


Birthday interview/performance

I am reaching out to say thank you for all your interest in my writing and support of my music. Tomorrow Saturday 8/21 1CST I am being interviewed and performing live, tune in info below:


To listen via the network #IndieNX101 radio station – please visit

For your audience to listen and/or watch, please see the attached flyer with link details, which are also provided below: – will have the live broadcast from YouTube – Direct Link on YouTube


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Social Media Links to follow for updates and more:

@indienx101 @ibnxradionetwork @atlsnx100

Peace and Plenty

Miles Megaciph