Nuchi Du Takara w/ translation

NUCHI du takara Nuchi du takara           ヌチドゥ宝  ヌチドゥ宝
No new Futenma  Henoko Bay feeds us          辺野古新基地 建設 反対
Nuchi du takara Nuchi du takara             ヌチドゥ宝  ヌチドゥ宝
Any means you measure Okinawans are together     どんなことしたって 沖縄はひとつだ
Nuchi du takara  Nuchi du takara             ヌチドゥ宝  ヌチドゥ宝
All life is a treasure  All life is precious          すべての命は宝 すべての命は大事
Nuchi du takara  Nuchi du takara             ヌチドゥ宝  ヌチドゥ宝
Shut the bases down forever Shut the bases down forever    基地を閉鎖しろ 永久に
Verse 1
Long Before America was born This became the ryukyu nation   アメリカ建国しのぐ琉球国
Predating by more than 400 years imperialist japanese annexation  日本併合前だって400年の歴史
Then US offensives came to fight and kill and this I land was taken  けどアメリカ攻撃、島は占領
In the battle of Okinawa away from the country of the rising sun   沖縄は日本防衛の犠牲者だ
Now  Busting big guns is still done often makes civilians anxious   今も銃におびえる市民
The situations simply one of ethnic oppression let’s just face it    これは 民族弾圧だ
For the seven generations coming their views and imaginations    もう すでに70年余
And all the lives unnecessarily taken opposing these occupations  占領反対し続け 流れた月日
Chorus 1x

Verse 2

Its a simple matter of Human rights over humiliation hence the   これは 人権抑圧、屈辱だ
Daily demonstrations and colorful cloth placements         繰り返されるデモや抗議
The power and peace represented through the perseverance     忍従が強める 平和への力
In the push back against The rampant militarization         軍国主義 反対
From the northern training area down past camp Hansen      沖縄中のすべての基地に 反対
For All the noise and harassment and Ospreys crashing       騒音・苦しみ・オスプレイ墜落
The Illegal land grabs an American embarrassment        アメリカ 不法占拠 恥を知れ
And the 12 year old raped in 9 – 5 with no answer         強奪、略奪、強姦もう、たくさんだ
Chorus 1x

Verse 3

Yeah I was stationed at camp Schwab in ’95 and        1995年 俺はキャンプシュワブにいた
I remember our presence impeded a normal life         住民生活を 蹂躙していた
i mean On the island Marines relax by fucking wilding      やりたい放題の 海兵隊員だった
when Drinking and fighting iwas our way of socializing       酒を飲んで けんかをして
So now I work towards vocalizing the way I feel properly     けど 今、俺は  声をあげる
Now that I am no longer government property          もう政府の言いなりにはならない
I hope and pray it’s not impolite of me to say this         祈り、願って 声をあげる
I’m truly Sorry for my service …                悔い改めて 過去と決別する
it meant your freedom waited                 やっと 俺は 自由になるんだ
Chorus 2x

Japanese Translation provided by: keiko yonaha
Lyrics written and recorded by: Miles Megaciph

This song is made in solidarity with the resistance to US bases in Okinawa. There are 32 bases clogging up the island as it is. These bases are taking away the safety of the children at school by flying over designated clear zones and dropping debris from aircraft while children play.  The men are perpetuating a culture of violence against women rather than providing any meaningful forms of security. Recently two of our VFP members went up north and discovered a huge pile of MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) debris left in the forest by young Marines who aren’t being taught to care for the planet. Nuchi Du Takara is an anthem for peace, it is a call to arms for everything that is good in the face of overwhelming odds. The phrase “Nuchi Du Takara” means all life is precious and that is the daily mantra of the people; you see it in their passion for life and its beauty.


This day is like the last you know what its gonna be
Humble man run fast get punished in front of me
i can’t breathe all choked up smoking this potently
Openly you choking me hoping i can’t breathe
Eric Garner on the corner Syrians crossing borders
Governors dirty water this whole systems out of order
Fukushima no more Hiroshima no more Nagasaki
I can’t take it no more i need tequila and hot sake
The way these pigs rocky i Luau on their slop house
Dance in the ashes aloha to the straw house
Lustful giving wood all up in the Brickhouse
Elohim pick this up make it run out your mouth
A race of beings ancient kings may I present the underclass
Naming things claiming history board the mother craft
Call the ancestors daily I and I on the path
Towards a simple life free of the rat race do the math

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Inside Her Pants


I got scholarships and grants
I got awards and shaken hands
I got a chance to break it down for an advance
I make my advance nervously I pant
My words are placed purposely inside her pants
Worthlessly this is exercise in dance
When the worst in me is forever in the past
And the first in me is far better than the last
This’ll burst in beat plus this a verse u can chant
Bulging hurting feet from this militants stance
Sullen virgin beefs when suddenly pushed back
Huddled in knee deep baths of substantive lack
And tumbled in machines of a system with cracks
This is how I give back by living the black dream
Pushing back the oppression that was meant for me
In a dignified manner respect ancestry
Shaking the mainframe make em recognize me